Sunday, March 30, 2008

Crystal Hill (Gunung Keriang), AlorSetar, Kedah

Gunung Keriang is a small mountain somewhere around AlorSetar.. its a 15 min drive from AlorSetar.. Gunung Kerian also known as Crystal Hill because inside it, there have various type of crystal. When u drive along the road, u can see there are a lot of holes on the surface of the mountain. This is because, the local residents get the crystal and sell it in the market below the mountain.
Me and my gf bought a lot of crystal. I bought 3 pots of crystal and it just cost me RM5.
I bought a bracelet as well. it is known as Tiger's cost me rm68.. The Sifu said it will bring luck and fortune.. He also advised me that to remove it and put it on top a crystal when i wanna sleep.. it is to gain back the power from the crystal..haha..funny.. my gf also bought a small version of Tiger's Eye bracelet.. it makes us a prefect couple..haha


Alicia Pound said...

I love u, darling.i tot i not ur gf anymore. now i am ur wife d. please change dat!

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